Self Contained Fountains

all supplied with pumps, hoses and instructions!

self contained fountains category

All supplied with pumps, hoses and instructions – all pumps come with 10m of cable. As self-contained fountains, the pump sits into the centre of the largest bowl, hidden within the fountain structure. Water from the pump is pumped up through the centre of the fountain, then to be cascaded back down over the fountain bowls back into the main bowl.

All the fountains in this category can also be supplied with solar powered pumps. Please call for further details. As a pond fountain, it will be supplied with a larger capacity pump which will then sit below the fountain in the bottom of your pond or pool.

Our Self Contained, Free Standing Fountains Range

If you are looking for a set of lights to help finish off your fountain look, upgrades on liners or products to help maintain your fountain, then the Fountain Upgrades & Extras page is filled with great ideas and options.