As can be seen in the pictures below, these fountains are supplied with an exclusive to Just Fountains. fibreglass base pool that incorporates an edging flange on which the base pool blocks are assembled.

Lay the fibreglass pool on to a level, flat, solid, surface. You will need a spirit level to ensure the base is sitting level.

The pump sits in the centre of the fibre glass pool and the cable gets sealed in to the provisions made for the power supply. The pump has 10 meters of cable that exits at the side of the pool at the bottom for easy electrical installation. This system also allows for easy replacement of the pump, should it ever need replacing.

The pump is hidden away in the base of the fountain.

Stack your fountain in the centre of the pool, all our fountains are pre-levelled at our factory, but some levelling may be required on site.

Whilst you are filling the base pool with water it is time to assemble the edging blocks. The outer edge of the fibreglass is very strong and rigid and has been manufactured by us to a very high standard. Fibreglass is an extremely strong material, in fact it’s not only used as ponds to hold thousands of gallons of water but it’s also used to build most of the boats cruising up and down our shores, as well as many other uses including flat roofing on houses.

We supply a cement pointing gun and a heavy duty tape. Please see the pictures. This makes pointing your fountain base a clean and simple job. All pointing cement is supplied.

We have spent 6 months designing and testing this product to ensure that every finished fountain not only stands the test of time but also looks as if it had been professionally installed.

This product will be delivered on a week day of your choice by one of our own delivery drivers, ensuring a smooth process from payment to delivery.

We also supply a powerful sump pump. Simply place the sump pump into the pool of water which will allow you to pump dirty water from your fountain, which can be used for watering the grass or flower borders, allowing you to fill your fountain up with clean water. We recommend this a couple of times a year. Your sump pump will drain the pool down to a depth of approx 5mm.


These pictures from a recent installation of one of our premier garden water fountains. The fibreglass was laid straight onto earth with the fountain and pool put straight into the fibreglass base.