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2 Tiered Barcelona Fountain, Small Cambridge Double Pool Surround

£1,068.36£1,175.20 £908.11 - £998.92

2 Tiered Barcelona Fountain, Small Cambridge Double Pool Surround Well balanced fountain with our exclusive double pool design. Simply lay the base sections onto a level flat surface, place the liner within using the water weight to iron out the crease, then place the copeing stones on top, sandwiching the liner between and cutting away any excess liner. Complemented with our stylish Barcelona 2 tiered fountain, fully self-contained with no need for an external water supply.

Size: 178 cm external pool, 143 cm internal pool, 150 cm fountain, 76 cm wide bowl

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  • £1068.36 in Classic Limestone
  • £1068.36 in Antique Stone
  • £1175.20 in Sandstone
  • £1175.20 in White Limestone
  • £1068.36 in Moss Green
  • £1068.36 in Antique Rust

All prices include VAT.

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Antique rust, Antique Stone, Classic Limestone, Moss Green, Sandstone, White Limestone

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